A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A cathartic game about finding closure and comfort in familiar things.


Windows Build.zip 88 MB
Mac Build.app.zip 91 MB


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For a game that's supposedly about folding shirts, I sense it's not reeeeeeally all about the shirts is it?? I loved this although I did have an issue with the mouse not sticking inside the game.

(This is the second game on the video)

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Wow, thanks so much for playing my game! Good note about the mouse and camera controls -- I will definitely see what I can do about that. I had imagined the narrator as a sort of maternal figure telling you to clean your room as a child/ teenager and the final room you go into is actually hers. 

I tried to invert the mechanic and leave subtle clues (like the "In loving memory" pamphlet on the final dresser) to indicate that whoever previously inhabited the last room had passed away and you, as the player, were sorting through her clothes. I can understand how this thematic intention got lost in the noise or wasn't clear enough, though; do you have any suggestions on how to make the undertone of grief more evident, without being too on-the-nose?

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This game is actually part of a larger anthology about grief and self-reflection; the other two games in this series are also on my itch page, so you're more than welcome to give those a go, too if you'd like!

Honestly I definitely picked up on the undertone of grief in the final room but I like that it’s left ambiguous enough that there could be a whole number of different options. Having it semi-open like that makes it a lot more powerful!

Cool, thanks again for your input!